Best Smartphones for 2018

Buy Samsung Galaxy S8 and get an amazing Drone Quadcopter FREE
Buy Samsung Galaxy S8 and get an amazing Drone Quadcopter FREE
Buy Samsung Galaxy S8 and get an amazing Drone Quadcopter FREE
Buy Samsung Galaxy S8 and get an amazing Drone Quadcopter FREE

Buy Samsung Galaxy S8 and get an amazing Drone Quadcopter FREE

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A screen worth staring at

The highlight feature of the Galaxy S8, at least the one most folks are going to notice first, is the sharp, rounded and colorful AMOLED display, which was recently rated the best on the market by display experts.

Samsung is selling two versions of the Galaxy S8. The only difference is standard model has a 5.8-inch display while the Galaxy S8+ sports a 6.2-inch screen. The new "Infinity" form factor, however, allows the 5.8-inch screen to fit on a device that's much smaller and more pocketable than the iPhone 7 Plus, even though Apple's device has a smaller 5.5-inch screen.

The curved edges help remove borders along the side of the screen, allowing it to look like it's flowing over the sides of the device. It's taller and spans almost from top to bottom. You feel like you could sink right into the device

Samsung confirmed the larger model is already more popular, but I found it more cumbersome to use. It's hard to reach the top of the phone with one hand, which was frustrating. The 5.8-inch display size of the smaller Galaxy S8 was more than large enough for gaming and watching movies and much easier to hold.

And speaking of easier to hold, Samsung embedded the home button right into the display. There's a small area at the bottom of the screen that can be pressed to return back to the home screen at any time. It works great, and helps provide a much cleaner design.

I have two gripes about the phone's industrial design. First, the back of the device feels slimy and gross really quickly. It also attracts fingerprints and looks pretty dirty even after just a few minutes of use. I recommend a case to help resolve this problem instantly. Second, the screen seemed to scratch really easily during a week of tests, even though I was careful to try to keep it from sharing a pocket with my keys.

Next-gen networking

Samsung is using Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon 835 processor in the Galaxy S8. In fact, it's the only smartphone maker that's been able to get its hands on this new chip, leaving competitors to scramble to either build their own chips or use Qualcomm's older Snapdragon processors. The Snapdragon 835 is one of the first chips to support Gigabit LTE. That's a stepping stone to next-generation 5G networks, which carriers are going to start rolling out this year.

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In my tests, with the Galaxy S8 and the iPhone 7 Plus next to one another, I always got faster download speeds on Samsung's device. That's without Gigabit LTE even active yet, and testament to the power of Qualcomm's modem and Samsung's antenna design.

Think of it like this: if you buy the Galaxy S8, you're preparing yourself to get much faster download speeds, perfect for streaming HD or even 4K video, when they're available. It's a nice way of future-proofing yourself.

The basics are covered

Samsung stuffed the whole kitchen sink in the Galaxy S8.

Let's cover the basics before we dive in too much. Connectivity was great on T-Mobile's network during my tests, and I didn't experience any dropped calls. Just once I had to repeat myself during a phone call when the other user wasn't able to hear me for a few seconds.

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