FM Wireless Stereo Music Headphones Receiver USB Emitte

FM Wireless Stereo Music Headphones Receiver USB Emitte

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[Wireless Stereo Headphone]
Insert the USB Emitter into the power bank or other clean power USB socket then connect the emitter to the audio device using an included 3.5mm audio cable. The headphone can receive sound after power on.
[Wired Headphone] Just directly connect the headphone and your audio device via the included 3.5mm audio cable and it can be used as same as wired headphone. (No need to press the power button of the headphone.)
[Supports FM Radio] The headphone can work separately as an FM radio. Turn on the headphone press the &qu?FM&qu? key to search the radio channel. Good choice to enrich your spare time.
[Multi-point Connection] In wireless mode after the Emmiter being well connected several receivers (WS-3680 Headphones) can receive the same audio source at the same time. Emission distance is up to 30m.
[Long Duration Time] Built-in rechargeable 200mAh Lithium battery enables 5 hours music playing time or 10 hours of FM radio time. Compatible with almost all 3.5mm audio devices such as Smart Phone MP3 player PC TV and more.

Note: If there is large noise please turn down the headphone volume and turn up the audio device volume.

Model Number: WS-3680
Emission Frequency: 88.1