400ml  Diffuser Aroma Lamp
400ml  Diffuser Aroma Lamp

400ml Diffuser Aroma Lamp

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A World Of Benefits Packed Into One Essential Oil Diffuser - Made With You In Mind

The Bel Air Naturals Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser was designed to be the perfect diffuser available today and is suitable for everyday use to vivid aromatherapy sessions.

Essential Oils are distributed throughout the room in the form of gentle mist delivering powerful healing aromas while softly humidifying the dry atmosphere. Rid stress and take your relaxation to the next level with this beautiful device. Enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy to help aid in the relief of stress, and fight the effects of eczema, nausea, nosebleeds, dandruff, joint pain anxiety, nasal and chest congestion.

Use It Anywhere:

✓ Bedroom

✓ Living Room

✓ Kitchen

✓ Classroom

✓ Studio

✓ Patio

✓ Study Room

✓ Yoga Room


✓ Ultra Durable & Portable

✓ Includes Free Measuring Cup

✓ Fully Child Safe

✓ Ultra Quiet

✓ Easy To Clean

✓ Auto Shut Off Function

✓ 17 Beautiful Colors

✓ Made With BPA Free Materials

✓ Mist Distributes Stronger In Larger Rooms

✓ 100% Satisfaction Guarantee